Pod Ranges

Pod Ranges and Office Pods are becoming a popular and useful solution to the lack of private and quiet spaces in open plan offices. Pod Ranges offer a wide variety of pods and booths available in similar designs that can solve a multitude of issues faced by workers in open plan spaces. ‘Open plan’ is a type of layout that entails a wide office space without partitions or cubicles separating one desk from the other, so they are characterized by a lack of individual, fully enclosed private offices/rooms. This kind of layout is often preferred by designers and corporation managers because it allows a continuous, uninterrupted communication between colleagues, both visual and verbal. 

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Though open plan layouts are indeed great for collaboration and team building purposes, they are nonetheless noisy and, often, chaotic. The lack of private spaces to make phone or video calls or where to hold team meetings, can turn open plan offices into disruptive spaces where concentration levels can be seriously affected. The obvious solution would be to build in individual offices that can add some quietness and privacy, however this can be difficult as building regulations might prevent companies leasing an office in a particular building to carry out any permanent changes to the rented space. Even if building regulations are not an issue, construction works can cost a lot of money, take a long time and be highly disruptive. These issues and complications can leave workers, interior designers and office managers feeling hopeless, with no easy and convenient solution at hand. 

What is an alternative to built-in offices and/or meeting rooms?

Fortunately, nowadays it is easy to add private spaces to open plan spaces without having to embark into long, complicated and costly construction works. The solution has been provided by a wide variety of Pod Ranges that can easily and instantly add privacy and quietness to any space. 

Pod Ranges come in different sizes, shapes and formats, all to suit each particular, individual need. This means that within a pod range you can have two or three different models that will vary in size and function. For example, one pod range will have a single occupancy phone booth which provides a small footprint unit, with sound absorbing properties, that is specifically designed as a simple pod, to be used for phone or video calls, particularly of short to medium duration. If a more spacious room is needed, let’s say for longer video calls or to engage in concentrative work, the same pod range will offer a work pod. Work Pods are larger than phone booths and are also often fitted with a desk and a chair/bench so that they provide everything needed for workers to work in them as comfortably as they would in any built-in private office.

Many Pod Ranges also have meeting booths in different sizes, in the same style as their phone booths and work pods. Likewise, most pod ranges will also offer a meeting booth option, which provides semi open spaces for meeting, these options are ideal for offices where privacy is important but complete isolation needs to be avoided.

What are the advantages of choosing Pod Ranges rather than buying individual pods?

Though there is a pod available to fit every purpose and need and you can purchase a variety of individual pods, all with different designs, it can often be more convenient to get various pods from the same range. If you need to add more than one pod for different purposes, for example a couple of phone booths, one or two work/video call pods and a large meeting room, having different models for each can make your office design look inconsistent, rather than harmonious. On the contrary, by choosing different pod categories from the same pod range you assure that the same feeling, look and design will be used through the different pods, thereby providing a uniform design throughout your office. 

 Another advantage is that different products from the same Pod Range are not only uniform in terms of design, this uniformity also applies to the quality of its materials, acoustic performance and the equipment provided by each type of pod. This means that whether you get a phone booth, work pod, meeting pod or meeting booth from the same pod range, you will be getting the same level of performance throughout the range. For example all of the pods available in the range will be equipped with lights and ventilation systems, power and data connection, as well as furniture and a similar acoustic rating throughout the range. 

So, should I get pods from the same Pod Range?

Pod Ranges offer users the opportunity to have uniformity within variety. They are the perfect solution for spaces searching for two or more pods, for different purposes but that want to maintain the same level of quality, design and look from one category of pod to the other. Pod Ranges provide a variety of pod options in different sizes and for different purposes but that, because they have the same design, will look perfectly together; providing a sense of unity and harmonious interior design. Likewise, because the quality of materials used and the level of equipment included is the same throughout, it does not matter what the pod is being used for, all users will work within an equally comfortable and professional space.