Meeting Booths

Sometimes office workers seek for spaces where to meet and collaborate without having to be isolated from the large office space, thereby allowing an uninterrupted flow of light, people and ideas. If this is your case then Meeting Booths are the perfect option. In simple terms, Meeting Booths are semi-enclosed structures, centred by an integrated table that is surrounded by two or three walls, with or without roof or floor and without a door. The absence of a front door/wall allows for a continuous communication with the exterior, and you can have a back wall to provide more enclosure, or go completely open to create a fully opened shell. Meeting Booths usually come flat packed so that they can be taken into most spaces and can be taken apart and reassembled, so that you can take them with you whenever you change offices.

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Meeting Booths are also highly flexible units, there is a wide range of options and configurations available, from three wall units with roof and floor, half back wall, to completely free standing booths without a roof for a more subtle and open  look. They are also available in a variety of finishes, from melamine walls in neutral colors to stronger tones that can provide a more modern and stand-out look. Meeting Booths often come fitted with integrated furniture such as tables and chairs or sofas, as well as light systems, as well as power and data collection. 

Though the sound absorbing of Meeting Booths is less than that provided by full enclosed meeting pods, they can still provide protection from noises and a decent degree of privacy. This is thanks to the use of acoustic materials in their construction that reduce sound reverberation and increase sound absorption. Meeting Booths come fully equipped with everything you need to work comfortably, and if you need anything else, you can just step outside easily. Meeting Booths are the perfect solution for workers seeking to add fully functional, semi-private units to their spaces, without fully isolating users, and thanks to the variety of products available, you can certainly find the perfect booth for your space.