Acoustic Pods

Acoustic Pods are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes to fit a number of different purposes. There are phone booths and work pods, designed for individual use and ideal for phone and zoom calls, as well as standard office work. There also are meeting pods, designed for team meetings, where the contents of the meeting can remain private. Regardless of the size or purpose, Acoustic Pods have one thing in common and that is the use of sound absorbing materials in their construction. Sound absorbing materials come in the shape of upholstered acoustic panels, glass, foams and other components that when applied to the walls, ceiling, roof and/or door of any unit will make Acoustic Pods better than normal office pods and even better than many built in offices. Though the acoustic performance of these pods vary from one pod to the other, all acoustic pods have  been designed to provide fully enclosed spaces where workers can space the hustle and bustle from their open plan offices.

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There is no doubt that most modern-day corporations have a long established predilection for open plan offices. This is easily understandable when we consider the number of benefits provided by this kind of layout, such as allowing and encouraging open collaboration and communication between all colleagues. While it might be true that getting rid of cubicles and individual built-in offices has allowed for a more united workforce by ‘erasing’ dividing hierarchies; it is also true that these benefits have had a negative effect on the privacy and concentration available in an office. Workers are constantly being interrupted and disrupted by phones ringing, people speaking loudly and even passers-by colleagues can really create stress and cause a lack of concentration. The easiest and quickest way of solving this issue is to add one or more office pods, in particular Acoustic Pods, to your office.